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How to Make Money Online: The passive ways

How to Make Money Online The the passive ways
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I believe most of us came here to look for ways how to make money online. So here I am, revealing ways how to make money online!

There are many ways to make money online, some need investment while some require zero investment. but what I will cover here is 70% without investment.

What one needs to do, is to read carefully and find what will work for him/her in the best possible way. But whatever you choose to go with, make sure you put in the hard work and consistency. So that you will achieve your objective online.

Here am going to talk about how to make money online with affiliate marketing, how to make money online on amazon, how to make money online with freelancing, how to make money online with dropshipping, and how to make money online with simple tasks, YouTube, Google Adsense, and Google Adword, etc.

 Make Money Online With Affiliate Marketing:

how to make money with affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing is one of the best ways to make money online.

Affiliate marketing on the internet is simple, it is a process of finding affiliate products online, applying to get the link, if approved, promoting to make a sale, and earning commission after-sales.

It can also be seen as a process where a website is selling a product and they will pay you a commission on every sale you generate from the traffic you send them.

Finding the right affiliate program is crucial to your success and your outlook on the affiliate marketing business.

If you have a bad first experience, odds are you will want to quit. Finding a quality business will help provide you with success and hope for further accomplishments.

Finding the right affiliate product

Whenever you want to join an affiliate program, make sure you join an affiliate program that makes your life easier. The program should provide you with the essentials to allow you to promote their business such as banners, pop-ups, image banners, and more.

This way you can place these tools on your website to promote their affiliate business with little effort whatsoever. If they provide you with the tools for success, this shows they care about their affiliates.

Popular websites like ClickBank, CJ, jvzoo, Digistore24, etc. serve the purpose to help you do affiliate marketing by finding the right product.

Check: top affiliate marketing websites

There are a lot of techniques needed to do affiliate marketing. But you don’t need to worry, because this website got you covered ( We have a lot of resources about affiliate marketing that you may want to read.

Promoting the product

When promoting an affiliate product or service, make sure you know what you are promoting, as each product or service has different buyers. So when promoting you will know where and how to target the audience.

 There are mainly two types of affiliate products,

 Physical and Digital products.

Physical products: Physical affiliate products are products that you can touch and feel.

They can be products that you use in your everyday life, like toothpaste or laundry detergent, or they can be unique, one-of-a-kind items, like a handcrafted candle. is the best place to find this type of product.

Digital products: Digital affiliate products, on the other hand, are products that you can only view or purchase online.

They can be products that you use in your everyday life, like an eBook reader or a virtual assistant, or they can be unique, one-of-a-kind items, like a course on how to start a successful blog.

Promoting both physical and digital product or service are growing in popularity as Affiliates are always looking for methods and products or services that convert fast.

Both affiliate product categories have their distinct advantages, in terms of how to promote them.

Promoting physical affiliate products haseveralof advantages, one of which is that they can be delivered right to the buyer’s door.

If you want to advertise a product that you support but lack the time or funds ty buy it, this is a perfect choice.

On the other side, you can promote digital affiliate products or services, as it has the best conversion rate online, and you can earn recurring commission as long as the buyer you refer to continues with the subscription.

An example of this is email marketing software.

Make money online with amazonamazon

Here am going to disclose the top ways you can make money on Amazon wherever you are in the world, and for everyone.

The good thing about these amazon methods is, that you don’t even need to invest any money, and can work for you, wherever you are in the world. What you need is your time, your device, internet connection, and proper skills to get going.

Amazon is one of the biggest e-commerce companies in the world. As reported amazon generates $650m in revenue in a day.

Unlike eBay, Walmart, and Etsy, where you mostly earn by selling a product, with amazon there are different ways in which you can make money without investing anything. What one needs is a required skill to get started.

Amazon income stream that you can make money without investment

Amazon associate

Everyone can make money with an amazon affiliate marketing program known as Amazon Associates. This is one of the oldest affiliate programs on earth. You can make a good amount of money with amazon associates once you have the right audience to promote with.

With Amazon Associates just like any other affiliate marketing program, once you find the right product that you think you can sell, get the unique link, and start promoting it to your audience.

Once someone clicks the link and makes a purchase, then you will receive a commission in return.

Before you make money with an amazon associate, you will first need to sign up for an account. It is free, simple, and, easy you just need to fill in your personal information, and how you plan to promote the products, that’s all.

Once you are approved, then you plan how to promote amazon products.

Sign up for a free account here

Amazon kindle direct publishing (KDP)

Amazon KDPis an eBook publishing platform, where individual publishers and companies upload different kinds of content and low-content eBooks up for sale.

With amazon kdp the sky is the limit, as you can publish as many as you can. But the most important thing about publishing is quality. In whatever you are publishing make sure you put a lot of quality in it.

You can sign up for an account for free with amazon Kdp here, it is free and simple.

What you need to cash in with Kdp is communication ability, ability to compose, capacity to conduct research, and last but not least work hard and be patient.

You can research to find more information on how to go about it.

Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk)

Amazon Mechanical Turk, also known as MTurk, is a website that allows both regular people and businesspeople to coordinate the use of human intelligence to complete jobs that computers are now unable to complete.

Mturk is an online business place for crowdsourcing. It is a platform for outsourced tasks such as data validation, surveys, and research.

In Amazon MTurk, Business People or Requesters can post the jobs which are known as HITs (Human Intelligence Tasks). These HITs are in turn solved by the workers in Amazon Mechanical Turk.

For you to sign up for an account with mturk, you need to have an Amazon account first, as it is linked with mturk account. Then you can join up as a turker.

If approved, what you need is to set up your payment option.

Amazon arbitrage

Amazon arbitrage is the process of buying products and reselling them on Amazon for a profit. It’s just like any other kind of arbitrage, only that the reselling platform is Amazon.

For example, I go to a Walmart clearance sale and find a $3 Olaf stuffed toy that sells for 60 dollars on Amazon. I could buy 10 of those toys and resell them for $55.

Amazon allows both retail and online arbitrage. Amazon’s policy does not expressly prohibit arbitrage as long as you’re selling a product that can be legally resold and if they’re in the proper condition.

Take note, however, that certain brands don’t allow others to resell their products on Amazon without permission.

To do this all you need is an amazon seller account and little knowledge about how and where to find a good product.

Amazon handmade

A sales channel within the bigger Amazon marketplace is called Amazon Handmade. As the name implies, it was specifically designed for handmade goods.

Amazon handmade can be a good place for you if you are the maker.

Unlike a vendor selling on the regular Amazon platform, you must apply and be authorized before you can open shop as an Amazon Handmade vendor.

This program can assist many people to learn about your innovative product or brand.

You must show that you meet the following requirements for your application to be approved:

  • Items must be created, altered, or assembled entirely by hand, i.e., not from a kit.
  • Items must be handmade by you; by an employee, if you have 20 or fewer employees; or by a member of your business if your business has fewer than 100 people.
  • Hand tools and light machinery are allowed in a home studio or workspace, while mass-production using assembly lines or automation technology is not allowed.
  • It’s okay to add your designs to pre-made items, such as fabric or porcelain.

To sign an account with amazon handmade you just filled a form and verify that you are a certified handmaking.

Amazon merch

You can share and sell your unique t-shirt designs using Merch by Amazon on the biggest marketplace in the world. The best on-demand t-shirt printing service is offered there. For making and sharing t-shirt designs on Amazon, there is absolutely no cost.

When a designed t-shirt is sold, you receive the paid royalties. Uploading designs, selecting colors, and setting prices are all that are required there. The remainder will be handled by Amazon work.

Print on Demand (POD) is the name of the platform used by Merch by Amazon. The things that you can design and sell on Amazon include long sleeve t-shirts, hoodies, tea mugs, bags, premium tees, and a lot more.

To sign up for an account, type, merch by amazon on Google and fill in the required information.

Make Money Online with Google AdSense:


The only way to earn money online for real is through Google AdSense. Google runs the potent ad serving program known as AdSense or just AdSense.

To enable text, image, and video adverts on their websites, website owners can sign up for this service.

All you need to do is add some code to your website, and advertising that relates to the information on your webpage will appear.

Google is in charge of managing these advertisements, which bring in money either per click or per thousand impressions.

What is Google AdSense?

Google AdSense is a fast and easy way for website publishers of all sizes to display relevant Google ads on their website’s content pages and earn money.

Google matches the content of websites to relevant advertising using some clever java script and coding.

AdSense is a fantastic platform that enables webmasters to make money from advertising by doing nothing more than posting content.

For people that run blogs, AdSense is a pretty wonderful program because blogs are updated frequently and the opportunities for AdSense are practically endless.

How to Use Google AdSense

Google utilizes its search technology to serve ads based on website content, the user’s geographical location, and other factors.

It’s quick and easy to sign up for Google AdSense. You may discover everything you need to start using this application by going to the Google homepage. Of course, having a website is a prerequisite for using Google AdSense.

Due to higher placement in the Google search engine, Google AdSense might aid in boosting visitors to your website.

Google AdSense operates automatically using feeds, necessitating zero effort on your part. You can earn money by joining and adding some code to your website without doing anything at all.

Because the adverts are less intrusive than most banners and frequently have material that is relevant to the website, AdSense has gained popularity as a technique of placing advertising on websites.

How to Make Money from Google AdSense

AdSense provides the accurate site and content-targeted text and image adverts that are pertinent to your website. Additionally, when you include a Google search box on your website, AdSense sends pertinent text ads that are aimed toward the Google search results pages that are produced as a result of the visitor’s search query.

Utilizing Google AdSense is simple and requires no work on your part. Google even offers practical tools that let you monitor your daily AdSense earnings.

The nicest thing about AdSense is that there are no expenses involved, not even time. Once AdSense is configured, you’re done. All you have to do is relax and take your money.

You can run Google ads on all or just some of your pages, using AdSense strategically to complement your direct sales team. You’ll pay nothing, spend little time on set-up, and have no maintenance worries.

You can use AdSense for a day, a month, or for however long it pleases you to make a profit your choice.

The more pages that have Google AdSense ads on your website mean more profits for you because you can gain earnings on every page that is viewed even if you do nothing.

Google AdSense can help boost the page views on your site, and of course, bring a little extra income to your pockets. It’s easy to use and requires no work on your end but it can bring in some much-needed revenue.

It’s easy, it’s free to use, and you are required to do very little to bring in much-needed web traffic and extra income. So why not give Google AdSense a try?

Make money online with dropshipping

Time and money are two resources that are in short supply for fledgling business owners. Startups typically don’t turn a profit straight away, and without the money to pay personnel, time is of the essence for these business owners.

Dropshipping is a fantastic business concept for budding entrepreneurs because of this. Entrepreneurs can control costs by delegating manufacturing, warehousing, and shipping to a third-party vendor while concentrating on promoting their goods.

What is dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a business model that allows entrepreneurs to sell products manufactured, warehoused, and shipped by third-party drop shippers from their online stores.

Typically, products are only charged to the business owner after a sale, meaning there’s almost no risk of overstocking.

Dropshipping is a fantastic choice for new business owners. It frees up time that can be redirected toward marketing and gives small businesses a low-risk opportunity to test out new product concepts (and product lines) without having to buy and pay for the item upfront.

How it works

Dropshipping is frequently thought of be a simple, quick-rich strategy. Yet it isn’t. It requires commitment and effort to get everyone up and running and successful, just like any other e-commerce website.

If done correctly, dropshipping companies can help to expand e-commerce enterprises process orders and deliver orders more quickly by becoming dependable and practical partners.

Because it’s simple to utilize, dropshipping is a terrific business concept for beginning entrepreneurs. Dropshipping enables you to swiftly test several company ideas with little risk, allowing you to discover a lot about how to select and promote in-demand products.

Make Money with Paid Surveys and tasks:

There are many websites out there where you can do different tasks like, surveys, pay per click, watching videos, completing offers, etc.

While not one of the most profitable home businesses, these tasks are simple and easy to do, and yes, you can make money online with them.

You can make four or five dollars a day, which can add up, especially if you a consistent, and each day in your spare time you work on the.

There are many survey sites out there where you can complete a survey or other task and get paid. One of the interesting things about survey sites is that they offer more than surveys to make money with. Some work worldwide, and some don’t.

Here are a few sites you can work and earn online







With these websites, you can complete simple and earn money wherever you are in the world.


There are no free meals in life. There is also no simple way to make money, particularly from home. You must make sure you possess the necessary skill sets, together with strong marketing and communication abilities, to make yourself employable.

For ambitious authors, editors, photographers, designers, etc., a strong portfolio is essential.

Today several private companies and MNCs are employing people who prefer working out of their homes.

A host of opportunities exist for home employment in areas as diverse as telemarketing, selling insurance, data entry, typing, data conversion, copywriting, accounting, writing (academic and journalistic writing), editing and proofreading, web design, content development, Internet-based research for companies, graphic design, and desktop publishing, programming, audio, and video editing, translation work, etc. is available.

What is freelancing?

Instead of being hired by an organization, a person who works as a freelancer uses his or her abilities to serve a variety of clients under a contract.

Simply say, freelancing is when you work with different clients and accept a variety of jobs without committing to a single company. It involves using your knowledge, training, and experience.

The quantity of assignments or jobs you can take on simply depends on your capacity to do them as required. Freelancing usually involves jobs (called gigs) that allow you to work-from-home situations.

With a fair bit of technology skills (typing and word processing skills, being PC literate), entrepreneurs can use the world wide web to start companies and work from the convenience of their homes.

Before you get into the home employment groove, make sure you have the requisite qualifications, hardware, and time management skills to convince potential employers that you are the right person for the job.

Websites where you can register and work as a freelancer









As said above, there are many out there.                

Make Money Online with YouTube


Making money fast with YouTube isn’t possible but can’t be ruled out. A lot of people think is a day job while isn’t, as you most work foTube channel, you must be in good standing with YouTube, have 4,000 verified public view hours in the last 12 months, and have at least 1,000 subscribers to be eligible for the YPP (YouTube partner program).

For more info, make your research and learn more about Youtube.

Make Money with Online Auctions:

You might be wondering if you can be successful buying and selling products at internet auctions if you’re searching for a side business.

The good news is that this may work, provided you take the necessary precautions to ensure that you are handling your money wisely.

Making money online with online auctions is one of the 20th and 21st century’s most reliable, true, and tested home businesses. Simply buy low, sell high and make the difference to supplement your income.

Millions of people sell on eBay or other online auction websites as a full-time job and make well over 6 figures.

Here are tips for online auctions

  • Sell things you might otherwise buy for yourself.
  • Select the online auction service you want to employ.
  • Give your potential consumers reliable options.
  • Promote your products.
  • Prioritize your consumers.
  • Don’t be a fraud!

There are several ways to profit from online auctions, but the bottom line is that you must put in the time and effort to find deals and ensure that your writing and photographs stand out.

The choice of how you make money, though, is totally up to you.

Make Money Online with Google Adwords:

how to make money online with google adwords

The only source of pay-per-click advertising for web publishers to market their websites and products is Google AdWords. This useful tool is often used by affiliate marketers to advertise their products.

Google Adwords is another pay-per-click advertising company run by Google. In Google Adwords, you can put advertisements on their search engine and get quality traffic.

But the conversation depends well on your landing page. Imagine you pay $0.10 for each quality visit and you got one sale of $30 in every 100 visits. You are making a profit of $20.

There are many misconceptions about Adwords and its capacity to increase visitors. Here are 5 tips to help you sort through the uncertainty and choose where you should be pulling your wagon about the entire AdWords situation.

Tip 1: Keywords and AdGroups

Since Adwords gauges the effectiveness of the ads and places them accordingly they use a technique involving the quality score and CTR.

This technique is used to make a group. This is helpful to ensure that low-performing ads don’t bring down the adgroups that are performing well. This lets your top keywords perform at full throttle.

Tip 2: CAPS

Google doesn’t allow advertisers to place their ads in all (CAPSboy are we grateful for this) but there are many other ways to stand out. One way is to capitalize the first letter of every word in your ad.

Your English teacher may take you out back, but it does stand out from the pack increasing your likelihood of getting noticed.

Tip 3: The Free Keyword

Always include the words freebies, free, and a freebie in your ad campaign so surfers searching for free goods do not wander to your site haphazardly.

The benefits of doing this can be tremendous. This will save you and your visitors a lot of time and more importantly a lot of money.

Tip 4: Mix it up-The 3 Keyword Entry

To ensure the best results from your keywords, use quotes and brackets. One keyword entered should have three entries. For example: name, [name] and name. Adwords has a special built-in syntax, so utilizing this method will not only increase efficiency but will broaden your match rate.

Tip 5: Eyeing the Competition

Always check out the competitor and what keywords they are using in their ads. If they are spending crazy amounts of money on a particular keyword, maybe you should stay away from that keyword.

Always stick to your budget. If there is just too much competition, maybe you need to rethink your niche and go to another product or market. Study the other guy and see how he sets up his ads.

Find a pattern and exploit it. Go for the road less traveled. With a little hard work and discipline, you can be a stand-out in the Adword world.


we’ve come to the end of this article on How to Make Money Online: The passive ways.

We’ve so far covered, affiliate marketing, how to make money with amazon, youtube, AdSense, AdWords, freelancing, tasks, and surveys, dropshipping, etc.

There are a lot of ways to make money online, so you do not need to limit yourself to just one way. make your research to find out about the topic you are interested in the most.

Explore more ways that you can make money online. Find a pattern and exploit it.

Go for the road less traveled. With a little hard work and discipline, you can be a stand-out in the world of the internet. How to Make Money Online: The passive ways

thank you


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